Field Photos

Disaster Exercise & Medical Patient Scenarios

Emergency Management Products LLC maintains a database of exercise-tested, credible medical patient scenarios that will make your exercises more effective. Below are a number of field photos, capturing the scenarios in action.
Patient Scenario Training

EPTEC Inc. patient scenarios provide lifelike training situations.

Team Emergency Response Training

EMS teams practice group drills during an EPTEC Inc. training event.

Patient Scenario: Leg Injury

Medical patient scenarios bring life to staged training events.

Dummy Excercises

Dummy training events provide realistic training.

Live Patient Role-Playing

Credible medical scenarios provide lifelike situations.

First Responder Drill: Patient Lifting

Responders practice lifting
techniques at a staged scenario.

Patient Lifting Drills

EPTEC teaches volunteer responders learn proper techniques.

Patient Scenios: Field Drill

EPTEC Inc. hosts field exercise and drill events.

Emergency Management Training Courses

EPTEC'S management and response instructors conduct a range of disaster and emergency preparedness and recover training courses. Get a feel for the courses by clicking on a few of the images below.
Emergency Management Classroom Work

Classroom lessons teach procedural best practices.

Educational Presentations

EPTEC Inc. presents emergency preparedness lessons.

Pre-Drill Preparation

Pre-drill presentations maximize learning experiences.

Group Forums & Discussions

EPTEC moderates group planning forums.

Classroom Education

Planned lessons provide up-to-date information.

Emergency Management Lectures

Lecture presentations keep teams up to date.

Team Classroom Education

EPTEC facilitates team classroom training programs.

Informal Discussions

Focused discussions lead to new ideas.

Emergency Exercises & Drills

EPTEC inc. will help you prepare for the entire emergency and disaster response exercise process. Peruse the gallery below to see us in action.
Emergency Mgmt. Field Education

Techniques are taught and corrected during field training.

Patient Scenario Training

Field work teaches hands-on machine and equipment maintenance.

Patient Scenario Training

EPTEC Inc. helps coordinate first responder training events.

Police Training Exercises

Police teams train using lifelike scenarios from ETPEC Inc.

Rescue Scenarios

EPTEC patient scenarios enable
applied rescue training.

Medical Teams & Volunteers

Professional & volunteer medical responders learn teamwork.

Patient Scenario Training

Bus crash scenario provides lifelike training opportunities.

Emergency Management Consulting

EPTEC provides hands-on emergency management consulting.

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