Custom Special ProjectsO NE OF THE BENEFITS of working with a small firm is that you form a relationship with the company’s top professionals. EPTEC, Inc. is proud that, as a small firm, we have been able to work closely and form relationships with our clients. We are able to meet our clients’ very specific needs because we know and understand their organizations and staff on a personal level.

Current and past EPTEC Inc. clients are visionary, creative professionals who have come to us with many different, unique requests for projects. We have been able to work with them to provide a high-quality product customized to their needs. In very rare situations, we have not been the right “fit” for a particular project; in those circumstances, we did not waste time and money, but instead used our extensive contact list to help that potential customer find a more suitable solution provider.

We are excited about forming new relationships with other exciting, visionary individuals and organizations. If you have a special project in mind, please contact EPTEC Inc. to discuss how we can make it happen.

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