W HEN DISASTER STRIKES your community or organization, EPTEC, Inc. can provide invaluable assistance. Whether serving in a strategic leadership role, providing “relief” capacity or just filling in for unavailable local staff, EPTEC can support your disaster response and recovery efforts.

Disaster Response & RecoveryEPTEC Inc. has helped dozens of organizations and institutions overcome disaster and emergency by serving in the following roles:

  • EOC Manager
  • Leadership Staff (Operations, Planning, Logistics or Administration/Finance)
  • Public Information Officer/Staff
  • Liaison Officer/Staff
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Donations Coordinator
  • Public Assistance Coordinator
  • Debris Management Coordinator

Whatever the situation, EPTEC Inc. can help you respond by providing services specific to your organization’s needs.

What Can You Expect?

EPTEC responds to emergency situations as a knowledgeable support partner. When you work with us, there are a few things you can expect:

  • Respect — We DO NOT attempt to undermine authority; we serve only to support you.
  • Responsibility — Though EPTEC, Inc. provides a deep understanding and knowledge of emergency response situations, we will never fill a role or position for which we are not qualified.
  • Integrity — Our rates DO NOT go up in a disaster. Even in time of crisis, we continue to charge the prevailing rates used in other State of Wisconsin consulting work.

Contracts & Agreements

EPTEC Inc. is happy to establish and maintain contingency contracts with communities and/or organizations. By having experienced professionals on standby, your institution will be prepared to handle emergency situations.

NOTE: Contracts for assistance have been reimbursed at the allowable rates under Federal Stafford Act declarations in past disasters. Please contact us to discuss.