P UBLIC INFORMATION AND DISSEMINATION is a crucial piece of emergency management and response, especially for a governmental body. Many institutions and organizations are juggling multiple priorities with limited staff and limited resources.Pre-Scripted Public Information Message Manual

Let us help you communicate with the public by providing you the materials you will need.

Our Pre-Scripted Public Information Manual provides grammatically correct messages that are divided by topic and apply to the most common Wisconsin-area disasters. Our manual’s messages provide:

  • Templates that you can quickly edit for the specific needs of your community and situation.
  • Guidance and reminders for you as you prepare your public information releases.

Upon purchase, our Pre-Scripted Public Information Manual is provided in “hard copy” format as well as and also electronically (via USB jump drive). Expansion packs are also made available as new messages are created.

Purchase the Manual

To get your copy of the Pre-Scripted Public Information Manual, contact EPTEC Inc. today.

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