COOP-COG Planning System
D ID YOUR INITIAL COOP/COG PLAN leave your county or municipal agencies wanting more? Our COOP-COG Planning System can help. This product is designed to walk your agency through proper departmental continuity of operations (COOP) and continuity of government (COG) planning via a thorough, up-to-date system that includes:

  • Line-By-Line Instructions and Models
  • Binders for the Entire ‘Line of Succession’ (LOS)
  • CDs or Jump Drives (USB) for the Entire LOS
  • Item Pockets and Key Tags


Purchase the COOP-COG Planning System

To acquire the product (or to receive additional help), contact EPTEC Inc. consultants. We will gladly help determine the level of assistance (either face-to-face or remote) that will work best with your department and budget.

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